Mining Industry

Metallurgical Laboratory - Ore Sample Drop Tower

Based on the customer’s specifications and a prototype structure, Adelaide City Engineering designed, manufactured the unique components, installed and commissioned, in conjunction with our Perth based Service Centre, Verseng, the unique Drop Tower. The 18-metre high structure was designed to incorporate the bottom section of a 30-metre communications tower, along with a central tube that provided an enclosed chamber to raise a custom designed bucket to a fully variable preset height. Once at the preset level, Bombay type doors open via pneumatic cylinder activation to drop the, up to 130 kg, Ore Sample into a Drum, which is dust proof sealed, at the base of the Tower.

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The Bucket is raised via a Wire Rope Winch with integral Rotary Encoder for position sensing. This process can be repeated numerous times in either manual or automatic modes. The procedure allows the Laboratory to duplicate the actual effect of the mining, transport and handling of the Ore before it reaches a processing facility. This means that relatively inexpensive core samples may be taken and used as the Drop Tower sample to determine the samples quality and properties. This in turn will save the mining industry substantial costs in resource exploration.

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Mining Components

Adelaide City Engineering are more than equipped to machine the majority of mining components and have a constant workload of such components as gearboxes, couplings, bushes and rollers.

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